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Advance In Your Professional Goals


What’s Next In Your Career?

Unlock your true potential and find your path for success.

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  • What jobs to apply for?

  • How to build your profile?

  • How to ace the interview?

  • What to expect in your first job?

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  • What courses to opt for?

  • Pre requisites for the courses?

  • Journey of completing the course?

  • What to expect after the course?


  We grew up in Tier 2&3 cities in India and went on to build our careers as Entrepreneurs, Subject Matter Experts, Product Managers, Engineers, and Management consultants at Top MNCs and Startups. In this journey, we have learned that a lot of students from Tier2,3, & 4 cities are often aimlessly searching job portals and every job feels like a job they can do, but aren’t sure what they actually want to do. 

If you don’t know which career or job will bring you fulfillment, we will help you focus on your strengths and unlock the possibilities you hadn't considered.

Focons Champions


Ashwini, UX Designer

Mei Alwar Rajasthan se schooling and Graduation ki h.. caller ki naukri me 4 saal kaam kiya h.. Calling ke field se bahar nikalne ke chakkar mei bahut stressed rehta tha.. Focons team se mujhe 2 months ka guidance mila tha.. unhone mujhe apna passion follow karne mei help kiya.. Aaj mei designing karta hu and bahut kush hu!

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We will help you unlock your path to success in simple steps. We have curated easy-to-follow programs to know what you want to do and how to achieve your dream job.


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